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The HypnoSizing System

The HypnoSizing system has been created by Jon as an easy alternative to diets and other traditional weight loss procedures. This system has been born out of 22 + years of helping clients become slimmer and contains all the best pieces of knowledge and ideas to make weight loss simple and easy... yes EASY!!..It is ideal for those people who would like to lose around three stone or less. (for those looking to lose three stone plus, please refer to the HypnoBand page) The HypnoSizing system is perfect for clients who have just let their eating habits "run away with them" a bit. This usually involves grazing a bit too heavily on unhealthy snacks, being too busy to remember to eat healthily, having a favourite "treat" such as crisps, chocolate, cakes or biscuits that you may feel you can't do without and allowing your portion sizes to increase gradually over a period of time.


HypnoSizing will get you right back on track!! This course is really VERY simple!. Jon believes that weight loss is the easiest problem he helps to solve and this process takes only three sessions! During this time your eating habits will be understood and resolved consciously and subconsciously, in other words using both parts of your brain. There isn't a third part to use. Therefore you will finish this course with ALL the information you require to make weight loss easy for you, as well as carrying all the good feelings that come with hypnotherapy and the addressing of the subconscious mind. Jon will show you that successful weight loss really only requires the building of two fundamental beliefs! Yes, just two, that is all that is required. As we build these ideas in your mind, you will find it easier and easier to lose weight. Remember, anything we practise we become good at! This includes losing weight! Read my testimonials page to see how I have successfully helped clients become slimmer.

Book your free consultation with Jon and become part of this exciting new weight loss system. Call him now on 077 667 51242 or email

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