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Symptoms Effectively Treated Using Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis - in Woodbridge


Hypnotherapists have been working with people to help them resolve their issues for hundreds of years.  As Members of the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy(IAEBP – for more info click  here), we use a unique form of hypnotherapy, called Hypnoanalysis, which is an amazingly effective form of analytical hypnotherapy that can be used to treat a very wide variety of symptoms, conditions, and emotional issues.  It works by resolving and removing the underlying causes of your problems whilst also building your self-esteem, self-belief and self-assurance, and leaving you with a sense of calm, relaxed confidence.  (For more info on Hypnoanalysis, click here.)

In the IAEBP, we have effectively treated people with the following list of symptoms by using our unique form of therapy hypnotherapy.

  • skin disorders 

  • sexual problems 

  • anorexia / bulimia 

  • lack of confidence 

  • stuttering / stammering 

  • chronic fatigue 

  • chronic pain 

  • poor self image 

  • smoking cessation 

  • social fears 

  • premature ejaculation 

  • fear of intimacy 

  • childhood trauma 

  • sexual and physical assault 

  • migraines 

  • drinking 

  • ME 

  • IBS 

  • OCD 

  • fetishes 

  • PTSD 

  • blushing 

  • anger 

  • colitis 

  • bruxism 

  • panic 

  • guilt 

  • sweating 

  • nightmares 

  • slimming 

  • compulsions 

  • shyness 

  • bedwetting 

  • nail biting 

  • amnesia 

  • phobias 

  • depression 

  • inhibitions 

  • vaginisimus 

  • addictions 

  • grief 

  • neuritis 

  • fears 

  • obsessions 

  • insomnia 

  • paranoia 

  • asthma 

  • tension 

  • allergies 

  • thumb sucking 

  • anxieties 

  • shy bladder 

  • hypertension 

  • frigidity 

  • tinnitus 


If you find that your particular set of symptoms, difficulties or condition is not contained within the list above, please do not assume that we can not help you.  We are so successful with such a range of issues that it would be impossible to cover them all in a simple list and we would encourage you to call us at ' Woodbridge Hypnotherapy' for a chat.  We can also arrange for a free consultation to discuss whether we would be of assistance to you.  

Woodbridge Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis - providing professional therapy services to the the people of Woodbridge

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